Best Home Carpet Cleaning Tips

The Best Home Carpet Cleaning TipsCarpets are great additions to any home and can enhance the look of your home, making its entirety quite pleasurable and comfy.

However, carpet is also very delicate and expensive to clean and keep clean. With the cost of carpeting quite expensive based upon the grade of carpet used on install or replacement, it is a necessity that you learn how to clean them so you can preserve your investment.

Today, we’ll discuss some unique tips for cleaning carpets at home and your business, but mostly your home. The carpet cleaning tips mentioned in this article vary from vacuuming the floor coverings to spraying spills and removing pet odors and stains.

Our hope is that these carpet cleaning tips and tricks aim to make your home carpet and rugs look new for a long period of time and increase their lifecycle.

1. Vacuum carpet at least once per week

Carpets need to be vacuumed at least once per week.

However, carpet areas that receive heavy foot traffic even need to be vacuumed more than once a week. Regular vacuuming works in prolonging the life of the carpet since it helps in preventing the buildup of gritty particles.

In addition, make good use of the carpet crevice tool to clean around baseboards, as well as the hard to reach areas of the carpet.

Another trick of the trade is vacuuming wall-to-wall carpeting is also possible by dividing the floor into quadrants. You need to vacuum one quadrant before you move on to cleaning the next.

2. Install a new vacuum cleaning bag

Every time you vacuum your carpet, it helps to start with a clean vacuum bag. This will prevent your vacuum cleaner from leaving dust particles and dirt deep in the carpet. It is also advisable to vacuum the floor two times in various directions. This is effective in capturing all loose particles that try to work their way deep into the carpet fibers.

3. Pre-treat the toughest stains and spots

You can do this tip by allowing the carpet cleaning solution to be absorbed by the floor coverings for five minutes before starting to scrub. Scrub the stains using the carpet brush in different directions. Repeating the entire process also works in eliminating stubborn stains and spots.

4. Avoid vacuuming tassels and fringes

Running the vacuum over the tassels and fringes might cause them to get sucked into the vacuum’s beater bar. Fluffing the fringes by hand is also what they need to maintain their good condition, so you do not need to vacuum them. This may damage them, instead of preserving their excellent condition.

5. Use moderate, overlapping strokes when vacuuming

Take your time when vacuuming your carpets. There’s no need to rush only to miss picking up loose debris, damaging your vacuuming or much worse, seriously damaging carpet fibers and threads. The use of overlapping strokes is highly suggested and also advisable in multiple directions. In addition, A wise tip is to slowly count to three with each backward and forward stroke. This will give your vacuum cleaner enough time to do its job.

6. Remove carpet stains as soon as possible

Carpet stains should be taken cared of as soon as they occur. A lot of carpets at present have the ability to resist liquid penetration for a certain period. This means that simply blotting the carpet dry using a clean cloth right after the stains occur might not do the trick. Consider treating carpet stains immediately using natural solutions such as borax and soda water. You can also use store-bought cleaners, but make sure to strictly follow the directions for use.

7. Test carpet to determine that it won’t react negatively to your chosen cleaning solution

Look for an inconspicuous part of your carpeting and test your chosen cleaning solution there. This will help you in determining if the cleaner won’t cause further damage and discoloration to your carpet.

8. Use powder to clean your carpet

Baking soda and powdered carpet cleaner are among the best carpet cleaning solutions. Using a powder to clean your carpet includes sprinkling liberal amounts of the solution over it. Leave it for approximately thirty minutes. It is best to leave the solution overnight because this will soften the stains and remove the odor. Once the time is up, you can vacuum the carpet to remove the powder.

9. Use home remedies to clean carpets and remove stains

Aside from baking soda, you can also use club soda to remove the stains from your carpet. You just have to spray it into the stained area using a spray bottle. You can also blot a clean, damp cloth with club soda into the stained part of your carpet. Other home remedies for cleaning carpets are ammonia, vinegar and dish detergent.

10. Stay off and away from your carpet until it completely dries

Make sure to vacuum your carpet again once impacted area becomes dry. This will fluff the nap while also removing the remaining soap residues, powder, cleaning solution or any other harmful particles and residues from the carpet.

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